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Unlock Your Flow & Get Instant Focus With Flow Cognition

Caffeine and super amino acid, L-theanine, combine to create the barista-grade instant coffee that boosts brain function and mood, combats tiredness, alleviates stress, calms anxiety, and optimizes peak performance – Everything you need to pack a punch!

Power up your mornings, workouts, and everything in between with delicious barista-grade instant coffee infused with hero ingredient, L-theanine. Instant Focus gives you all the benefits of your daily caffeine fix – increased alertness, focus, brain function, and energy – without the crash. 

Why You Need It

The super amino acid, L-theanine, found in green tea leaves, reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep, and simultaneously increases focus and relaxation. Amino acids like L-theanine are the building blocks that make up proteins. Our bodies don’t produce it naturally, but adding some into your diet can improve brain function.

On its own, L-theanine is a powerhouse; it boosts immunity, improves mental alertness, and maximizes our ability to pay attention. In other words, you’ll be sharper and less prone to picking up health problems that could set you back. L-theanine’s calming properties relax the mind without making you drowsy enabling us to shut out distractions more easily – music to the ears of those who suffer from insomnia. The difference a restful night’s sleep can have on our health, performance and emotional wellbeing shouldn’t be underestimated.

Paired with caffeine, it’s a match made in heaven. As a team – caffeine being a nootropic, and L-theanine being an adaptogen – cognitive function and mood improve tenfold. We perform better physically and mentally and are happier overall.

How It Works

The power coupling improves both speed and accuracy in attention-switching meaning you can get more done in less time. From that important work presentation to hit your new PB at the gym, or just making it through the day without any wobbles, Instant Focus makes it easy to ignore distractions to feel less tired and more alert – a winning combination to avoiding the dreaded procrastination. 

Enhanced brain function means that memory, learning, thinking, and creativity are supercharged. Mental fatigue is reduced and you’re much more likely to be able to perform well under pressure. Reach the elusive flow state more often, and stay in the zone with the sustained energy release. In this physically and mentally demanding world where technology is advancing at rapid speed, everywhere we turn, something new is competing for our attention. Stress, anxiety, burnout and overwhelm are the norm, and pressure to keep up and stay current is a daily struggle. 

Why It's Unique

Superpowers aside, it’s creamy and tastes delicious too. The rich, full-bodied taste comes from the ethically sourced 100% single-origin Arabica Columbian micro-ground whole beans. Hand-picked and manually harvested, the aromatic coffee beans are grown at high altitudes in rich, volcanic soil in the mountains – the perfect conditions to produce the high-quality barista-grade coffee, often considered the best in the world. 

Say goodbye to afternoon slumps and zoning out you get from regular coffee. Improve athletic and sports performance without the jitters. The power pairing ignites the fire in you to perform with precision, focus, and strength without the energy dip. Whether it’s to help you go faster in your 5K, go deeper in your yoga stretch, or lift heavier in the gym, Instant Focus makes the perfect pre-workout, boosting mind-muscle connection to awaken your power within and stay on a high with enhanced endurance. 

Professionally and athletically, reach your potential and be the best version of yourself. 

Expert Advice

Flow Cognition, “was born from coffee lovers with a passion for fitness and wellbeing,” where optimal performance is paramount. They believe everything starts in the mind and their goal is to push past what people believe is impossible to support them in pursuit of greatness without changing their daily habits. They found their magic formula in many people’s favorite daily ritual, their cup of coffee, except they made it effort-free and on-the-go to support busy lives and optimize that peak performance many of us crave but don’t have the energy for. 

Flow Cognition understands the importance of looking after our mental health to help us reach our goals too. With mental health problems affecting 1 in 4 of us, they donate 5% of their profits to UK mental health charity, Mind. 

Ditch the expensive coffee shops, complicated creation process, and long brew times for a smooth, sustained boost that will help you achieve your best self all day long, whatever life throws at you – unlock your flow and level up with Instant Focus instant coffee.