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Dr. Lamees Shiffa’s AM-To-PM Routine

Dr. Lamees Hamdan combines advanced scientific skincare science and organic anti-aging ingredients from her travels worldwide to create Shiffa’s luxury skincare line with natural ingredients that heal from within.

In The Morning...

I wake up naturally every morning without an alarm clock... 

… unless I have a very early meeting. I trained myself to wake up when my body needs to. And I find I am needing less sleep when I do that – you wake up when you are ready. 

After I wake up... 

… I give thanks. It’s a quick routine and I want to start my day with a feeling of gratitude. Then I have a mug or two of hot water (I place hot water in a flask at night, so I don’t have to make it in the morning). 

Next, I wash my face with my Shiffa cleanser and muslin cloth (once only), spray Shiffa toner directly on my skin (I use it as an essence in the morning), apply my eye cream and white tea moisturizer, then I use Elta MD sunscreen on my face and neck (I never forget my neck – it’s one of the first places to show signs of aging!)  

Then I change and go to my computer. I answer urgent emails, then when I feel hungry I have a cup of organic berries and whatever fruit is in season. So really I end up eating a “proper” breakfast at 11 am, and it's usually beans with cumin and tomatoes. 

I don’t drink coffee… 

… so getting enough sleep is important because I don’t use caffeine to wake me up. 

My daily routine changes... 

… as I travel a lot. This week for instance I had three days of filming and interviews. 

I cannot live without... 

...Healing Balm by Shiffa. I can use it as a cleanser, moisturizer, pimple balm, sunburn balm, and eczema balm – you name it! 

Being healthy is important to me, but I never restrict myself... 

… I try to eat very healthily, so each spoonful of food is nutrient-dense. I eat everything like pasta, bread, and dairy but I try to only eat processed foods when I feel like it, and only occasionally. Many people are surprised to find out that I don’t have a restrictive diet when they follow me on Shiffa Beauty’s Instagram @shiffabeauty.  

I think a sustainable way to be healthy is to be realistic and enjoy what you eat. If I haven’t had a super healthy lunch, I will make sure that my breakfast and dinner are very healthy. 

I don’t drink coffee, red tea, or alcohol – I just don’t like the taste. I do however drink Diet Coke, so believe me when I tell you we all have the occasional unhealthy thing, but if 80% of the time we eat healthily, we should be fine. 

My motto is: half your plate should be a rainbow of veggies, one-quarter protein, and one-quarter whole grains. Healthy eating isn’t difficult – it's just people sometimes want to make it seem complicated with so much misinformation. 

The best advice I’ve been given is... 

… If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


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In The Evening...

My evening routine consists of... 

… double cleansing at night, then toning, then using Rose Maroc Night Elixir on my face, eyes, and neck. Then I like to read a few chapters of a health or nutrition book. 

Switching off from work doesn’t come easy to me... 

… it’s something I need to work on. I can work until midnight. I wish my work was between specific hours but it isn’t – it's just the nature of what I do – or maybe I push myself; I don’t know. 

To relax, I... 

… have hot baths and I recently installed a sauna – both to help my cardiovascular health and for the relaxation benefits. 

Weekends for me… 

... are like any other day. 

The effects of the pandemic have meant...

… I have become much more home-centered.

Before I go to sleep… 

… as I do in the morning, I give thanks for the beautiful things that have happened to me that day. I try to begin and end my day with gratitude. 

On my bedside table... 

… you’ll find my lavender essential oil, and rose quartz prayer beads.


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