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Sweet Orange Hydrolate Spray 100ml


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Facial toner and aura spray using wild-harvested sweet orange leaf extract.

Renowned for its oranges, the island of Mallorca provided a beautiful setting to wild harvest the leaves of the sweet orange tree. With over 60kg of leaves carefully collected, we created a unique and vibrant essential oil extract for our Regenerative Golden Drops. 

The secondary produce from the extraction process is the hydrolate. This is the water that has passed through the leaves in the alembique still, which contains elements of the essential oil and is rich in vitamin C. 

The result is a fresh and invigorating spray that can be used to cleanse your aura, face and even as a room spray.

Gently spray directly onto your face with your eyes closed. Or spray around your body, being careful to avoid eyes, or spray onto your hands and stroke through your aura.

100% sweet orange leaf hydrolate.

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