Whey Hey Elite
100% Natural Whey Protein Enriched With Amino Acids


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When you’re pushing hard in your sport or your workouts, Whey Hey Elite is the protein power your muscles need to recover and grow so you can reach your goals and achieve your gains. With 21.4g protein per serving and 4.8g BCAAs, it’s the high-quality protein your body needs to thrive. BCAAs are shown to build muscle, reduce muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness so you can keep moving at your own paceIt’s deliciously creamy and ideal to replenish energy after you’ve worked up a sweat. Choose from rich chocolate, sweet strawberry or classic vanilla flavors. 

Probably the UK’s first 100% natural whey protein powder made from all-natural flavorings, colorings, sweeteners, and ingredients, using the latest filtration process in their state-of-the-art facility, Whey Hey Elite features a complete supply of amino acids, including BCAAs and glutamine. 

Amino acids are often thought of as the building blocks of proteins. They’re needed for vital processes like building tissues and muscles, and support the synthesis of hormones and transmitters. Bio-Synergy never compromise on manufacturing standards either so you know that as well as being rich and indulgent, they’re completely safe and natural too. 

Add one heaped scoop to 250ml – 300ml of water, milk or your favorite smoothie. You could even add a scoop to your baking or cooking to give it a protein boost. Enjoy after your workout to replenish energy and enhance muscle recovery. 

Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), Skimmed Milk Powder, Natural Flavoring, Silicon Dioxide, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Sweetener (Sucralose). 

Suitable for vegetariansWhey Hey Elite is not suitable for children or pregnant women. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. If in doubt of the suitability of this product, consult your GP. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

Store sealed in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and the reach of children. 

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