Tri-Acid Radiance Peel
Exfoliating Face Mask


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Tri-Acid Radiance Peel harnesses the power of the 3 most useful fruit acids (glycolic, salicylic, and lactic) to work in synergy for the skin, to brighten, rejuvenate and reveal newer, plumper skin for an age-defying, luminous complexion. Dull-looking skin is exfoliated away and healthier, brighter, clearer skin is unveiled. Buffing away dead skin cells on the top layer of skin means smoothness is unmatched, and your skincare products can absorb quickly and deeply into the skin to achieve their benefits.

Glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids gently remove the upper layers of skin and promote cell turnover for youth and radiance. The formula contains potent antioxidants and marine extracts with rejuvenating algae that nourish, provide skin with nutrients that assist with skin regeneration, and hydrate for healthier skin. Hibiscus, sugarcane, vitamin C, Uva, Ursi, bilberry, and licorice root lighten and brighten the skin to reveal its healthy luminosity.

Glycolic acid penetrates deeply into the skin thanks to its small molecule make-up. It stimulates natural collagen, minimizes pores, and deeply cleanses. It also helps to clear acne and even skin tone. Salicylic acid is keratolytic that increases the amount of moisture in the skin, and softens and loosens dry, scaly, or thickened skin. Salicylic acid is ideal for tackling acne – swelling and redness are reduced, and clocked pores are unplugged. Lactic acid is bursting with anti-aging properties. Naturally derived from milk, fruit, vegetables, and other plants, it works to lighten and brighten skin with pigmentation and exfoliates the outer layer of the skin helping to reveal a more youthful complexion and speeding up the rate of cell turnover.

Use once or twice a week by applying a thin layer onto the face using Shiffa’s Facial Mask Brush avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, wash off and follow with Shiffa’s Healing Balm or moisturizer.

Glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, hibiscus, sugarcane, vitamin c, Uva, Ursi, bilberry, and licorice root.

Shiffa are experts in the science of healing, created to combine the world’s most potent organic ingredients with advanced skincare science, a powerful combination of active ingredients in therapeutic concentrations to heal skin from within and reveal its beautiful potential.

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