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Mushroom Focus Shot with Lion's Mane
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When you’re flagging and your brain feels like mush, reach for a refreshingly delicious way to sip productivity. Pineapple and lime juice make high-dose Lion’s Mushroom taste like a tropical vacation to a far-flung destination. Sip this elixir in the early afternoon for total focus for the rest of your day.  

Need a boost in the afternoon? Think Adaptogen Focus Shot With Lion’s Mane can help you. Lion’s Mane is the brainpower mushroom for focus and productivity! Rhodiola often called the “golden root”, is a super-adaptogen, known for its ability to support concentration and memory. Organic rosehip is rich in vitamin C to support your immune system, plus the added pineapple and lime juice make this drinkable shot a zingy tropical flavor – no mushroom taste at all! It’s also loaded with trace minerals from pink Himalayan sale and a touch of organic stevia extract to balance out the Lion’s Mane, without the weird metallic aftertaste other sweeteners have.  

Enjoy the early afternoon to power up your focus and concentration to get more of the important things done.  

Organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Rhodiola, organic guayusa, Organic rosehip, organic pineapple and lime juice, pink Himalayan salt, and organic stevia.  

Four Sigmatic Think Adaptogen Focus Shot With Lion's Mane is organic, vegan, gluten-free, and rigorously lab-tested with just 1g of sugar.  

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