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SOS Cleanse Facial Cleanser
Gentle Lightweight Cleanser


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A gentle lightweight soothing cleanser that flushes the pores and dissolves makeup whilst removing daily atmospheric pollutants. SOS Cleanse is formulated to calm and instantly soothe and cool the skins' outermost layer. It leaves the skin prepared and ready for the daily onslaught of environmental pollutants and at times, somewhat aggressive colour cosmetics.

A soft almost translucent gel with the same "Melt, Flow Index" as the skin which ensures gentle but thorough cleansing without the use of alcohol, acids or aggressive surface active agents. Infused with Blue Daisy Extract that helps the pH balance of the skin whilst de-sensitising and boosting its natural moisture barrier.

Pump out a little SOS Cleanse into the palm of your hand. Apply the gel cream over the face using both hands. Start at the chin and with a sweeping movement, spread to the end of the jaw, from the base of the nose to the temple, along the side of the nose, up over the bridge, between the brows and across the forehead. Apply more cleanser and starting at the centre of the forehead, go lightly around the eyes to the temples and back to the centre of the forehead. Remove with either cosmetic pads, a warm moist towel or rinse with tepid water..

Aqua, Isododecane (Natural), Propanediol (Natural), Grapeseed Oil, Glycerin, Globularia, Alypum Extract (Blue Daisy), Sodiium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

SOS Serum products are created using all natural ingredients. Natural cosmetics are made from raw materials sourced from nature, such as plants and minerals and from a renewable natural supply. The raw materials we use go through the least amount of processing and the processing methods cause the least impact to humans, wild life and the earth. We do not test on animals or accept ingredients which have been tested on animals. The SOS range of products are packaged in fully recyclable airless pumps.

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