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Matcha And Rooibos Set
Rooibos & Matcha Tea Set


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Take five minutes to yourself to enjoy the herb-infused, aromatic taste of caffeine-free Matcha & Co Rooibos Tea or antioxidant-rich, vibrant superfood Matcha Tea, along with an electric whisk to help to dissolve your matcha, or create amazing frothy, foamy matcha lattes. Antioxidants in rooibos help to reduce inflammation, toxins, and pathogens, and contribute to an improvement in circulation and blood pressure. It can improve digestion, slowing down disorders like nausea, diarrhea, or flatulence. Alongside a balanced diet and exercise regime, it can also contribute to weight loss and weight management.

Bursting with antioxidants, continuous consumption of Matcha & Co Rooibos Tea and Matcha Tea helps to fight aging and cell deterioration meaning you’ll look and feel younger for longer! 

Powdered tea is now one of the easiest ways to reduce microplastic consumption in your diet since many infused tea bags contain lots of tiny microplastics that are completely invisible to the naked eye. The process of creating powdered tea using an ancient technique that involves grounding the tea leaves with stone mills is a great way to preserve the tea leaves’ benefits. It means we’re consuming all of the tea leaf, where all the goodness is! 

Stir the tea powder with hot water, and take five minutes for yourself to relax and replenish in peace! Add to frothy milk for a rooibos or matcha latte.

100% organic rooibos and Matcha tea. Store in a cool, dry place. Matcha Tea. 

Matcha & Co tea is certified organic, non-GMO, and contains no preservatives, colorants, and no sugar. 

This set contains: 1x Matcha 30g, 1x Rooibos 30g, 1x electric whisk 

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