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Organic Vegan Cacao Crispies
High-Protein, High-Fiber, Natural Breakfast & Snack


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A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. Made with 100% natural ingredients, Raw Gorilla Organic Vegan Cacao Crispies can really spice up your breakfast table. Naturally high in protein, good-for-your-gut fiber, and low in carbs, combine these delicious sweet Raw Gorilla Organic Vegan Cacao Crispies with yogurt or your favorite milk and juicy fruit for a balanced, nutritious breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

Just as nature intended, Raw Gorilla Organic Vegan Cacao Crispies are packed full of nutrients that deliver health-boosting benefits. They’re satisfyingly sweet, but naturally so, with absolutely no added refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. Buckwheat is its main ingredient – a seed full of goodness to keep your body working at its best, whether you want to lose weight or stay healthy.

Buckwheat (50.4%), Coconut chips (12%), Tigernut Flour (9.12%), Cocoa Butter (6.48%), Figs (6%), Raisins (6%), Coconut Blossom Nectar (5.4%), Sunflower Seeds (2%), Cashew (2%), Maca Powder (0.6%).

Raw Gorilla Vegan Original Crispies have won awards for their great taste! Raw Gorilla creates dehydrated natural nutritional snacks and breakfast food that are low-carb, high-protein, high-fiber, and 100% organic with no added sugar. Raw Gorilla believes in taking it back to nature by taking a leaf out of our gorilla cousins’ book – eating completely raw food straight from Mother Nature.   

All products are gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and wheat-free. Some are even paleo-friendly and vegan-friendly. Their delicious dehydrated snacks are kept free of processing and refining and aren’t puffed up with cheap fillers or added nasties so snacks remain in as natural a state as possible. All nuts and seeds are activated and organic. Fuel your body with healthy, convenient nutrition that packs a punch!

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