Flora + Bast


Deep Sleep & Meditation Mask
100% Blackout REM Recovery Mask


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Get better quality sleep and enhance meditation and napping with this 100% blackout eye mask in a custom Flora & Bast color and design. When sleep and rest are so important for our health, it’s key that we’re getting enough each night. If early mornings are interrupted by light and sound, or you experience migraines, the eye mask and earbuds can block out distractions to lengthen that all-important REM sleep giving our body a chance to fully recover for better health and wellbeing. With better sleep, gut issues, energy, mood, skin, and our immune system are all enhanced!

Reclaim your early morning REM sleep that can be disrupted by light and sound, or enhance meditation, with this world-famous Sleep Master Deep Sleep & Meditation mask. Adjust your circadian rhythm to be working at its best, and enjoy more sleep to wake up feeling refreshed!

Wear nightly for better quality, less-interrupted sleep, or to enhance mindfulness activities like meditation or napping.

This product is lab-certified and contains full-spectrum ingredients.

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