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Research reveals that more than half of us experience vitamin D deficiency all year round, not just in the winter months, so topping up is essential – that’s where Sunshine Spray comes in. Sunshine Spray is a lightly natural lightly orange-cranberry-flavored oral vitamin D3 spray that delivers 2000 IUs of vitamin D3 in just two sprays. It also contains vitamin K2 as a co-factor and MCT as a carrier oil for maximum absorbency. 

With vitamin D deficiency the most common medical condition in the world, this handy sunshine spray is the easiest way to upgrade your health in just two sprays. From a quick spray of this supplement, you will absorb as much calcium as you would from drinking 10-20 glasses of fortified milk. It supports a healthy immune system, muscle health, bone and teeth health, and supplies healthy vitamin D levels to increase healthy life span. 

Spray 2 pumps orally daily.

Vitamin D3 50mcg (2000 IU)as Cholecalciferol, vitamin K 50mcg as Menaquinone-7. 

Believing that good nutrition, especially in childhood, delivers important lasting gains, DL.MD supports life-saving nutritional programs and vitamin supplementation for vulnerable children in need. They help to deliver vitamin A, iron, and other critical micronutrients to children and pregnant women. 

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