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Black Label Manuka Honey MGS10+
High-Quality Natural Sweetener


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Enjoy delicious, sustainable, high-quality Watson & Son Black Label Manuka Honey MGS10+ drizzled over your favorite recipes, in smoothies, in tea and coffee, or in your baked goods. It contains 300g certified MGO (methylglyoxal) – powerful for its antibacterial properties! Black Label Manuka Honey MGS10+ is a natural sweetener (and healthier alternative to using refined sugar) to add to your food and drinks. 

Held in high regard in the health world for its antibacterial and soothing properties, Manuka Honey gets its name from the Manuka bush, native to New Zealand, where the bees are particularly picky, and only forage from Manuka flowers to make the honey back in their hives. All honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which has natural antibacterial effects. In normal honey, however, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down and the benefits are lost. In Manuka honey, their antibacterial powers remain (thanks to the MGO). The higher the MGO level in Watson & Son Black Label Manuka Honey, the more effective its anti-bacterial properties are.  

As well as using it to sweeten your recipes, Manuka Honey is a natural healer too. Use this nourishing Manuka Honey with lemon water to calm and soothe a sore throat, or use in a homemade honey face mask to provide deep hydration and help to combat bacteria. Plus, it smooths and softens your complexion to reveal petal-soft skin! 

Drizzle delicious Black Label Manuka Honey onto your recipes, in smoothies, in tea and coffee, or drink with hot lemon water to soothe a sore throat, and reap the antibacterial rewards. For preferred honey consistency, warm to soften, or refrigerate to firm. Store upright at room temperature. 

100% Manuka Honey. 

Watson & Son Black Label Manuka Honey MGS10+ is guaranteed to contain methylglyoxal. It’s 100% monofloral, pesticide and herbicide-free. Watson & Son are well-known for their high-quality, pure Manuka Honey. The beehives are in some of the most remote and untouched areas in New Zealand where the indigenous Manuka trees are plentiful. Minimal processing, and intervention, plus a focus on respectful and ethical harvesting practices ensure Watson & Son’s delicious, authentic Manuka Honey. It’s fully tested and traceable from hive to pot to guarantee its quality and purity.  

Manuka honey is graded and certified through independent laboratory testing to ensure it meets the most stringent requirements for New Zealand honey. This means that each unique level of MGO in each jar is accurate so you can always buy with confidence. 

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