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Aphrodisia Intimate Arousal Oil
Topical & Oral Intimate Arousal Oil


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Aphrodisia Intimate Arousal Oil can support you to feel relaxed so you can let go and feel your best self. The lubrication and relaxation properties are great for those who experience vaginal dryness which can cause pain during sex. Feel satisfied, and have better sex, with yourself or others!

Use both topically and orally to enhance sexual energy, sensation, and pleasure for women and men. When applied topically, the oil enhances lubrication and libido-stimulating effects. When consumed orally, the oil reduces any worry, anxiety, or discomfort around sex for a more enjoyable sexual experience!

Aphrodisia Arousal Oil works to bring a natural sense of calm and relaxation to sex, powered by plants. Pain or discomfort is alleviated, worries are eased and the relaxation brings you to a state of calm where you can enhance and embrace sex with more confidence and less anxiety.

For topical use, apply the desired amount of oil directly to intimate areas for both women and men for enhanced sexual pleasure. For systemic effects, first-time users should administer 1-3 pumps directly in the mouth, increasing the dose as needed to feel more relaxed! For even more pleasure, use alongside Lelo x Flora & Bast vibrator and massager.

Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Cannabis Sativa Extract, Cannabis Sativa Terpenes, Cardamom Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil.

Aphrodisia Arousal Oil contains 750mg Total Active Cannabinoid, 300mg CBD, and 300mg CBG. This product is lab-certified and contains full-spectrum ingredients.

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