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Discover more energy, creativity, and laser-sharp focus, without the caffeine, with Four Sigmatic’s Think Mushroom Elixir Mix With Lion's Mane. Add a sachet to your morning routine in your tea, coffee, or smoothie to help you power up and get more done. Four Sigmatic say, “It’s like coffee for your coffee without the caffeine.” Although Lion’s Mane is a powerful mushroom that helps you to stay focused, it doesn’t taste anything like culinary mushrooms. It tastes more like a smooth and earthy herbal tea so it’s a perfect way to ease you into your morning tasks to stay focused without the jitters and anxiety that you sometimes get from coffee.

This elixir's key ingredient, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, got its namesake from how the mushroom looks in its raw form – it’s wide and appears bushy like a lion’s mane. Four Sigmatic extracts their Lion’s Mane from wood-grown fruiting bodies. It’s fully organic with absolutely no fillers or carriers which is a relief to know when it’s going into your body to beef up your brain.  

It also contains organic Rhodiola wildcrafted from the mountains of Tibet – a super adaptogen, also known as ‘golden root’. It supports creativity and productivity to fuel your workdays, workouts, and everything in between. And finally, for taste, organic field mint, and rose hips extract balance out the earthiness of the mushrooms and contain lots of good-for-you vitamin C that supports your skin and immunity – basically everything you need for a stellar start to your day! The fact that it’s a caffeine-free coffee alternative is a bonus – it means no jitters and no afternoon slump! 

Stir in a smooth, earthy dose of Four Sigmatic’s Think Mushroom Elixir Mix With Lion's Mane into hot water, tea, coffee, or your morning smoothie to power up and be a productivity ninja!

Organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, organic Rhodiola, and organic field mint and rose hips extract.

Four Sigmatic Think Mushroom Elixir Mix With Lion's Mane is organic, caffeine-free, plant-based, and rigorously lab-tested, containing absolutely no sugar. 

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