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Coffee Latte With Lion's Mane
Clean, Focused Energy


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Get your brain going, without leaving your body behind with Four Sigmatic Matcha Latte with Lion’s Mane. Four Sigmatic pairs Lion’s Mane and moringa with ceremonial grade matcha for clean, focused energy.

Coconut milk, called “the tree of life” in Southeast Asia, adds the perfect smooth consistency for an indulgence you’ll love. Organic matcha is a powerful superfood. Made from finely ground green tea leaves, shade-grown in Japan, it contains antioxidants that have anti-aging powers and a moderate amount of caffeine (20g) to support your energy. Lion’s Mane is your brain’s best friend when you want to get the most important tasks on your to-do list ticked off.   

Coconut sugar adds a natural touch of sweetness, without all the nasties of refined sugar, and contains just 1g of sugar, which is about one-twentieth of a banana. Moringa often names “the miracle tree” is packed full of nutrients, while a pinch of organic stevia helps to balance out the slightly bitter taste of Lion’s Mane. This incredible combination produces a delicious, nutritional blend your body will thank you for.

Each scoop dissolves quickly in tea, coffee, soups, and smoothies. You can even add it to your favorite baked goods.

Organic coconut milk powder, organic matcha, organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, organic coconut palm sugar, organic moringa, and organic stevia.

Four Sigmatic Think Matcha Latte Mix With Lion’s Mane is organic, gluten-free, vegan, and rigorously lab-tested, containing just 1g of sugar.

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