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Level up your tea, coffee, smoothie, and soups with adaptogen-packed Four Sigmatic Chill Decaf Coffee With Reishi & Chaga Mushrooms. Worried about not getting enough nutrients in your diet? With Chill Decaf Coffee With Reishi & Chaga Mushrooms, you can transform any food into a wellness warrior for your health and body. Just add two umami-loaded scoops to your recipes and let the 10 functional mushrooms get to work in supporting your immune system and overall wellbeing all day, every day. 

The mushrooms in Four Sigmatic’s Chill Decaf Coffee With Reishi & Chaga Mushrooms aren’t just any mushrooms. Functional mushrooms have been used for centuries in ancient healing practices like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and this blend contains a whopping 10, that fortify your body and support it to thrive.  

Chaga and Agaricus Blazei supports your immune function; Reishi, once a mushroom reserved for royalty, reduces stress and anxiety; Cordyceps is known for its ability to support endurance and energy; Lion’s Mane supports your brain for increased productivity; Shiitake supports glowing skin and wellbeing; Maitake supports your blood sugar and immunity; Enoki is antioxidant-rich to support anti-aging; Meshima, used in Japan for thousands of years, supports overall wellbeing; Tremella supports soft, youthful skin and helps to plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and for taste, rose hips add a sweet flavor, and is loaded with vitamin C to support glowing skin and strong immunity – basically, a mega mushroom masterpiece to help your body to ward off any nasties, reduce stress and encourage glowing skin! 

Mix two scoops using the scoop included in your favorite recipes, tea, coffee, smoothies and soups. Consume any time of the day for an immune-boost.

Organic Chaga mushroom, organic Reishi mushroom, organic Cordyceps mushroom, organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, organic Shiitake mushroom, organic Maitake mushroom, organic Enoki mushroom, Organic Agaricus Blazei mushroom, organic Meshima mushroom, organic Tremella mushroom, and organic rose hips.

Four Sigmatic Chill Decaf Coffee With Reishi & Chaga Mushrooms is organic, caffeine-free, plant-based, is rigorously lab-tested to ensure purity, and contains absolutely 0g of sugar. The can is sustainable and can be reused once finished.

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