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Brightening Ampoule targets excessive pigmentation helps to eliminate freckles and helps to even out uneven skin tone. Expert ingredients directly target discoloration to brighten and lighten the complexion, hydrate and protect the skin’s barrier, treat blemishes and stimulate collagen for age-defying skin.

Niacinamide, known as vitamin B3 is a potent cell-communicating ingredient that can improve skin’s elasticity, enhance its protective barrier function, help to reduce discoloration, and revive for a healthy skin tone and texture. It can increase ceramide and fatty acid levels in the skin, prevent skin from losing water content and stimulate microcirculation in the dermis. It can also mitigate acne and the red marks it leaves behind, and treat an uneven skin tone. Sodim Ascorbic Phosphate is considered a precursor of vitamin C that has skin-lightening abilities, and is a powerful antioxidant that can stimulate collagen and treat surface acne.

Amino Acid Complex B maintains skin’s moisture, promotes skin fibroblast proliferation, provides nutrients to skin cells and prevents the skin from aging. Amino Acids are the gold standard for brightening skin, used by dermatologists. Hibiscus gently exfoliates to speed up cell turnover for smoother, fresher even-looking skin tone.

After cleansing and moisturising, massage a few drops of the ampoule onto the face. Follow with moisturiser. It can be used day and night for smoother, lighter, even-looking skin.

Toxin–Eliminating Shiffa Date Essence, Rejuvenating Shiffa Marine Ferment, Brightening Hibiscus, Kiwi and Licorice, Potent Vitamins B3 and C and Shiffa’s Amino Acid Complex

Shiffa are experts in the science of healing, created to combine the world’s most potent organic ingredients with advanced skin care science; a powerful combination of active ingredients in therapeutic concentrations to heal skin from within and reveal its beautiful potential.

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