Black Tulip Cryotherapy Tools
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Lift, tone and invigorate skin with Bloomeffects Black Tulip Cryotherapy Tools. This sleek set of cooling cryotherapy tools improves skin through our body’s natural response to a change in temperature. As the temperature drops, thanks to applying the cooling stainless steel tools, blood vessels constrict improving circulation and causing a tightening effect on the skin. Use these at-home cryotherapy tools once a week as part of your self-care session, and notice instant and long-lasting results. Bloomeffects Black Tulip Cryotherapy Tools are fastest route to a natural, needle-free, pain-free subtle facelift – skin will feel and look awakened and more youthful! 

Bring the cryotherapy salon experience home with these effective cryotherapy massage wands. Just a few minutes of massaging these multi-tasking wands into the face can improve lymphatic drainage and circulation to instantly smooth, firm, and revitalize tired skin – ideal for mornings, or after a long day. It also feels amazing too! Enjoy some me-time and give your face and mind a rest and reset from the day’s stresses by settling down with your cryotherapy wands. Say goodbye to puffiness and look more well-rested, awake, and refreshed (even when you’re not!) 

Use on a clean face or for optimal results, combine with the Black Tulip Facial Treatment and Black Tulip Eye Treatment. For lymphatic drainage and skin firming benefits, glide the tools in an upward motion with slight pressure to both sides of the face evenly including neck and decolletage. For increased circulation, glide the tools in an upward motion around the entire face for 5 minutes, letting the skin return to its normal body temperature, and then repeat 3-5 times. For optimal results, use it at least once a week.  

Clean tools with water and gentle soap. Dry well before storing in the travel bag until your next facial experience.  

Top tip: For a more invigorating cooling treatment, store it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.  

Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Recycled Hemp Aluminum  

Bloomeffects products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and fragrances. It has no synthetic dyes and is completely fragrance-free and cruelty-free, ideal for clean beauty lovers! Their eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled materials and can be recycled to extend its lifespan and reduce its environmental impact. It’s good for your skin, and the planet too.   

Bloomeffects are the first brand to discover the skin-restoring benefits of Dutch tulips and have created the Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex to power their skincare with youth-enhancing, glow-boosting benefits. They upcycle irregular tulip bulbs from their 115-year-old family farm for a completely circular process to support the environment and reduce waste. 

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