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Superior Ashwagandha
KSM-66® Extract Powder


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This Ayurvedic adaptogen herb is traditionally used as an all-round rejuvenator – to balance the body, physiologically and psychologically. This Superior Ashwagandha Extract powder is the most bioavailable, full-spectrum root extract of Withania somnifera 


The ashwagandha root contains bioactive compounds that hold medicinal properties – to reduce inflammation, aid sleep and reduce insomnia, and balance the immune system. Plus, as an adaptogen, ashwagandha helps the body to deal with stress and increases our resilience towards it – handy in an overstimulated world of blue light exposure, social media, long working hours, and pollution.  


Known as the “Prince of Herbs” in Ayurveda, ashwagandha’s wide-ranging health benefits and uses make this herb ideal for vitality. Pair it with one of your daily wellness rituals for a boost in health and wellbeing.  

In modulating the release of stress hormones, ashwagandha helps to balance the body by increasing what is low (energy, mood, memory capacity), and reducing what is high (stress). It can provide energizing but gentle calmness and balance, so is great for encouraging recovery after illness.  


Ashwagandha balances blood sugar which in turn, can influence mood, memory, and energy. It can reduce anxiety, and is an anti-inflammatory – great for preventing or treating chronic diseases, joint pain, wounds, and swelling. It’s also a natural aphrodisiac thought to improve sexual performance and fertility in men with links to sperm motility, concentration, and volume thanks to increasing levels of testosterone. Ashwagandha is also high in iron and can boost your red blood cell count – particularly helpful for those who struggle with iron deficiency anemia.   


It’s called superior for a reason. Try adding Superior Aswagandha to your daily routine for a boost in mood, energy, enhanced sleep, and long-term protection against chronic disease.  

Add 1/2 tsp (500mg) of the powder to hot water, milk, coffee, tea, smoothie, or tonic. With a slightly bitter taste, you can pair it with something sweet – add to warm cacao milk in the evening to promote a restful night’s sleep, or add to smoothies, teas, and coffees.  

100% Ashwagandha root KSM-66® extract (Withania somnifera)*. *Organically certified.  

To care for you and the environment, the jar and lid are fully recyclable and the label is compostable.  

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