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Experience the different flavors, aromas, and colors of the different varieties of Matcha & Co powdered tea: Rooibos, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Matcha, and Jasmine. Matcha & Co grinds down the tea leaves to obtain all their properties and nutrients, into a fine powder, making it easy to dissolve with water, milk, or vegetable drink. This would make the perfect gift for a tea-lover, or yourself! Choose your tea depending on your mood!

Matcha & Co Matcha contains powerful antioxidants that help you feel and look better for longer, thanks to its anti-aging benefits. Matcha & Co Jasmine tea is one of the most popular aromatic teas thanks to its health benefits and sweet, aromatic flavor; it contains a small amount of caffeine, suitable to drink at any time of the day. Matcha & Co Rooibos helps to improve digestion and supports weight loss and doesn't contain caffeine, so it is perfect for drinking at any time of day. Enjoy Matcha & Co Earl Grey and Matcha & Co English Breakfast tea as part of your morning. Both are black tea, with a degree of oxidation of 100%. 

Dissolve in hot water or milk to create your perfect refreshing beverage. 

Matcha & Co English Breakfast Tea: 100% organic black tea powder. Store in a cool, dry place.  

Matcha & Co Jasmine Tea: 100% organic jasmine tea. Store in a fresh and dry place. 

Matcha & Co Earl Grey Tea: Organic black tea, organic lemon peel, organic bergamot oil. Store in a fresh and dry place. 

Matcha & Co Matcha Tea: 100% organic matcha tea. Store in a fresh and dry place. 

Matcha & Co tea is certified organic, non-GMO, and contains no preservatives, colorants, and no sugar.  

Each set contains 1x Matcha 30g, 1x English Breakfast 30g, 1x Earl Grey 30g, 1x Jasmine 30g, and 1x Rooibos 30g.  

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