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Energetic Oil
Metabolic & Energy Enhancement

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This highly prized MCT oil is converted directly into energy without the need for additional breakdown by the body. Added to your morning tea or coffee, Energetic Oil can help to elevate and sustain energy levels throughout the day or be added to meals to increase savoriness or to help you feel full and satisfied.

Energetic Oil can boost energy and increase endurance, help to improve weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and enhance mood, brain, and memory function. It can be used as part of a ketogenic lifestyle, and relieve symptoms of keto flu.

The MCT Oil diet has proven to have anti-inflammatory effects similar to hemp, and also enhanced metabolism which can aid in weight loss. MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil is often used in ketogenic (keto) diets, and Energetic Oil produces 3 times more ketones than coconut oil.

Add to your morning tea or coffee to enhance or sustain energy, or to your favorite recipes to add a savory taste or help you feel full.

Energetic Oil is vegan, sustainably harvested, gluten-free, and non-GMO. This product is lab-certified and contains full-spectrum ingredients.

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Tara K.
United States United States

Obsessed with this stuff, would put it in my coffee every morning. gives me mental clarity and balance.

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