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Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and experience more productive daytime hours with Transdermal CBN Sleep Patches. Getting enough sleep is paramount to our health. Without it, our body isn’t getting the rest it needs to recuperate and reset in order to be working at its best. With busy lives, it’s not always easy to switch off at night. By rebalancing our circadian rhythm, these discreet patches can help get your sleeping schedule back on track, and your energy, and mood thriving as a result!

The sleep patches are infused with CBN, a rare cannabinoid that is proven effective in reducing anxiety-related sleep issues. As well as preparing your body for sleep to help you drift off, you wake up feeling refreshed ready to tackle the day ahead. No grogginess in sight! These handy sleep patches are ideal for those whose sleep schedules are out of whack because of work or jet lag.

Place a sleep patch on any venous area of the skin and wear it overnight to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. For gentle removal after sleep, use soap and warm water. Please note, due to the adhesive, some users with sensitive skin may experience mild irritation with wear over time.

50mg Total Active Cannabinoid, 33mg CBD, and 5mg CBN.

These sleep patches are natural and vegan. They contain 50mg Total Active Cannabinoid, 33mg CBD, and 5mg CBN.

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