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Chaga Mushroom Elixir 20 Sachets
Antioxidant-Rich Immune Booster


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Want to give your body an all-over health boost? Four Sigmatic Defend Mushroom Elixir Mix With Chaga is a rich, earthy dose of immune-enhancing goodies for a hit of vitality in your daily tea, coffee, or smoothie. Chaga, sometimes known as the king of mushrooms, is packed full of health benefits to help you feel better and keep your body in good working order. Its antioxidant-rich formula reduces inflammation, can slow the growth of cancer cells, lowers blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol. In other words, it helps you stay healthier and more youthful for longer.  

It’s paired with organic eleuthero – an adaptogen that’s been used for centuries in Ayurveda to support stamina, endurance, and wellbeing – which can come in handy with the hustle and bustle of life! It also includes organic field mint and rosehip extract for a fresh taste!  

This colossal blend of antioxidant-boosting ingredients makes this mix the ultimate wellness elixir to help you feel better. Four Sigmatic’s organic Chaga is wildcrafted in Taiga, the huge forest belt just south of the Arctic. In WWII, they used to drink it as a coffee substitute. Every packet is rich in antioxidant vitamin C, bursting with immune-boosters that will enhance your health! Support your everyday wellness routine and optimize your life with Four Sigmatic Defend Mushroom Elixir Mix With Chaga. 

While you can just add hot water and sip to enjoy, Four Sigmatic Defend Mushroom Elixir Mix With Chaga goes well with coffee or your morning smoothie for that extra wellness boost. Pair with Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee for a powerful energy-boosting, immune-enhancing mix – vitality in a mug! 

Organic Chaga mushroom, organic eleuthero, and organic field mint and rose hips extract.

Four Sigmatic Defend Mushroom Elixir Mix With Chaga is organic, caffeine-free, sugar-free, vegan, and third-party lab-tested.

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