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This is the Epigenetics Retest to discover any changes in your DNA with reports after completing your DNA & Epigenetics Test and implementing any changes or interventions. This is the opportunity to discover whether any lifestyle changes you’ve made recently have affected your overall DNA profile reports. 

Discover your true biological age and learn how to reverse it by tracking your genetic health with the DNA & Epigenetics intelligent test. Whether you want to turn back the clock on aging, set a new PB, or add more life to your years, understanding your DNA will give you the information you need to unlock a healthier, fitter you! Once you’ve implemented changes and interventions, you can run this Epigenetics Retest to notice any progress or changes. 

Train smarter, unlock your potential, and live better with the world's most comprehensive DNA test – the DNA & Epigenetics Test. 1000 tests provide over 300 genetic reports across 20 categories that can help you to understand everything you need to know about your health, athleticism, health risks, diet, nutrition, and much more, including whether you have the warrior gene. The Epigenetics Test reveals your biological age, eye age, hearing, and memory age, and all of these you can work to improve from actionable insights.  

In 18 days, you’ll have a personalized genetics report with 20 different categories all about you including common health risks, brain health, disease physical traits, personality traits, skin, and much more. Plus, viewing the results are easyYou can log into your profile on Bio-Synergy's mobile app to view your results along with comprehensive pdf reports. It comes with a free lifetime subscription of DNA updates including new categories and reports. As science continues to evolve, so will the categories and reports, and they’ll all be available within the app without a new DNA sample. From there, you can run this Epigenetics Retest if you’d like to discover how any interventions you make to your life are affecting your performance, wellbeing, and fitness.  

Get insights into diet, nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing with this Epigenetics Retest to reveal your biological age and more. Unlock your true potential and discover how any interventions you’ve made have affected your DNA profile. 

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