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Clear Skin Facial System
Balances & Improves Skin Clarity

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Clear skin is just as much about what you exclude from your facial care routine as what you use. Our Clear Skin Facial System includes a complete topical routine (wash, treat, hydrate, protect) that will improve the clarity of your skin within a month, guaranteed. Additionally, kit includes our Clear Skin vegan gummies, which offer systemic skin cell turnover and anti-inflammatory benefits with an entire day's dose of retinoids in 2 delicious chews. When all products are used in unison, you can safely remove lotions, creams, and other oil-water emulsions that are filled with skin-irritating surfactants, emulsifiers and preservatives which prevent clear skin.

Products are designed to be used in the order below:

Step 1 (Cleanse): Our Clarifying Facial Cleanser Concentrate can be diluted to fit your skin's needs (if this is your first time ordering, add a free dilution bottle to your order with code DILUTE). Some testing is required to find the dilution that works with your skin type.

Step 2 (Treat): Our Clarifying Facial Treatment is an oil-only treatment that absorbs quickly. Apply immediately after cleansing, and wait 30 seconds before you hydration step.

Step 3 (Hydrate): Our Barrier Building Hydrosol Primer infuses skin with clean hydration. You can spray directly on your face, or combine with serum (next step) in your palm, rubbing together in your hands to emulsify, followed by facial application.

Step 4 (Protect): Your final topical step, our Age Adapting Facial Serum locks in moisture balance and buffers the skin barrier, allowing for optimal healing and protection from the elements.

Step 5 (Balance): Our Clear Skin Bioceutical Gummy is designed to be taken with you last meal of the day, reducing inflammation and optimizing skin cell turnover while you sleep.  Users report enhanced sleep quality due to cannabis' ability to balance circadian rhythms.

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