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Take five minutes to yourself to enjoy a refreshing cup of Matcha & Co black tea varieties: Earl Grey Tea and English Breakfast Tea. Low in calories, and easy to prepare, both teas are a great start to your morning, or to give you a burst of energy in the afternoon, thanks to their higher caffeine content than other herbal teas. Matcha & Co grinds down the tea leaves to obtain all their properties and nutrients, into a fine powder, making it easy to dissolve with water, milk, or vegetable drink. This would make the perfect gift for a tea-lover, or yourself! Choose your tea depending on your mood, and sit back and relax.

Black tea compounds help to improve brain function and mood, specifically improving attention, concentration, memory, and reactive times, so it’s great if you need laser-sharp focus on a big project. Consumed consistently over time, Matcha & Co English Breakfast Tea can help to prevent some infectious diseases by helping to maintain a healthy bacterial flora and reduce recovery time thanks to its antimicrobial properties. You’re less likely to catch colds and feel better overall. Combined with a balanced diet and exercise, it can help you speed up your metabolism to contribute to weight loss. The high antioxidant power of Matcha & Co English Breakfast Tea can help to reduce the incidence of different types of diseases.

Dissolve in hot water or milk to create your perfect refreshing beverage.

Matcha & Co English Breakfast Tea: 100% organic black tea powder. Store in a cool, dry place.  


Matcha & Co Earl Grey Tea: Organic black tea, organic lemon peel, organic bergamot oil. Store in a fresh and dry place.  

Each set contains 1x English Breakfast 30g, 1x Earl Grey 30g, and 1x electric whisk. Matcha & Co tea is certified organic, non-GMO, and contains no preservatives, colorants, and no sugar.


Powdered tea is now one of the easiest ways to reduce microplastic consumption in your diet since many infused tea bags contain lots of tiny microplastics that are completely invisible to the naked eye. The process of creating powdered tea using an ancient technique that involves grounding the tea leaves with stone mills is a great way to preserve the tea leaves’ benefits. It means we’re consuming all of the tea leaves, where all the goodness is!

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