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Wunder Workshop: The Golden Ticket To Natural Healing

Meet Wunder Workshop’s heart-led founders Zoe Lind Van Hof & Tom Smale, whose purpose-driven Ayurvedic values, ethically sourced ingredients, and focus on sustainability has meant success, not only for their plant-based food business, but for consumers, Sri Lankan farmers, and the planet too!

Never has there been a better time to invest in our health and that of the planet's in one fell swoop with purpose-driven functional food brand, Wunder Workshop. The vegan-friendly London-based business features anti-inflammatory turmeric as its golden hero ingredient among its bestselling Golden Mylk, Turmeric CBD Oil, and adaptogen-powder drinks to improve anxiety, stress, sleep and overall wellbeing. Other products can aid immunity, bolster energy, and support focus too. 

Founders, Zoe Lind Van't Hof and Tom Smale’s dedication to organic, ethically-sourced ingredients and widespread focus on sustainability is far from jumping on the latest wellness trend, but rather steeped in her values and way of life, with a future vision for a circular business captured wholly in one of their taglines, “purposeful plants for people and the planet”. Here, Zoe tells us more about what goes on behind the scenes at Wunder Workshop and her way of life.

Zoe and Tom base their business and lifestyle in favor of Ayurveda – an ancient, holistic healing method that supports disease prevention and long-term good health. It’s a practice that values healthy daily routines in mind, body, and spirit (and you can glimpse into Zoe’s routines in our interview below). Even Wunder Workshop’s headquarters in London are powered by 100% green energy!

Zoe tells us how her roots and environment growing up played a role in her plant-based business, why she champions biodiversity, and what makes Wunder Workshop’s ingredients unique.

From ethical and sustainable farming to giving back to local communities, founders Zoe and Tom, leave no stone unturned in their heart-led quest to being a trustworthy, transparent brand that separates itself from the fast-paced, trend-led businesses. Every corner of the business has been considered ethical and sustainable, from the packaging, to the quality of the soil where the ingredients are grown and produced, to ensuring that the lives of the farmers who grow the ingredients are valued, fulfilled, and well-compensated. In turn, the ingredients they produce are the best quality they can be grown with care and attention.

Zoe and her team make regular visits to her suppliers; amongst them, farming communities in Sri Lanka, where she first learned about Ayurveda as a child. She also reveals why the term ‘superfood’ can be somewhat misleading and the real unsung hero ingredients (featured throughout the diverse product line) being adaptogens – herbs that restore hormone imbalances.

How does biodiversity feed into the brand?

“As mentioned earlier, biodiversity is at the core of our business. We only like to source ingredients that are grown in a biodiverse environment and avoid monoculture farms where possible. (Monoculture farms are farms where just one single crop, plant or livestock is produced in one area, which can upset the natural balance of soils, stripping it of its nutrients.

“If there is one thing that we can learn from nature, it is the importance of biodiversity. Seeing how life thrives when there is an interconnection of elements – something, I believe, we can apply to many aspects in our society.” 

Rather than chasing the latest buzzwords or trends, Wunder Workshop’s ‘lifestyle medicine’ oozes authenticity and transparency with a focus on long-term good health. Their refreshing take on getting back to the origin, preventative measures and interconnectedness is a welcome change in a reactive world chasing the next big thing. Let the Ayurvedic practices of Wunder Workshop help you to reflect on more ways you can live more consciously.