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Your New Glow-To: Dan & Lion’s Ever Oil

Intricately crafted, expertly combined; blend beauty and botanicals to supercharge your skincare routine with Dan & Lion’s Ever Oil. A welcome addition for clean beauty cupboards and sustainable beauty shelves alike; the everyday essential to replace a multitude of skincare products clogging your cupboard and your pores – your new glow-to!

Ever Oil

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Why You Need It

An intricate fusion of plant-derived ingredients, Dan & Lion’s facial Ever Oil boosts radiance and moisture the moment you apply and continues working long after to reduce the signs of aging and redness, paving your way to a clearer, healthy complexion. A staple of every beauty addict’s skincare cupboard because of its versatility, this lightweight facial oil can be used day or night. It’s not only a power-blend packed full of natural ingredients, but its unique creation process captures ingredients in their prime for the optimal skin glow-factor, inside and out. 

Formulated with revered and region-specific botanical ingredients, Dan & Lion’s founder Daniel Koulouklidis says they, “bring together floral infusions and cold-pressed oils in optimal ratios to deliver a full spectrum of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and other pristine plant compounds to the skin”. Nourishing Ever Oil works directly with the skin’s lipid layer using an optimal blend of botanical extracts to lock in moisture, gently exfoliate over time, and balance natural sebum levels. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties reduce congestion creating a protective barrier to shield against external aggressors like harsh weather and pollution and detoxify to reveal healthy, younger-looking skin.  

How It Works

Dan & Lion’s philosophy strips it back to basics blending pure, natural ingredients – organic where possible – with a focus on transparency. The precise mix of botanic and herb extracts and creation method boosts skin’s natural repair and regeneration process without disrupting the skin’s natural microbiome. Skin looks younger and dewier with antioxidant-rich blends of amino acids and cell-regulators revealing supple skin and improved pigmentation. Floral and seed extracts support regenerative properties like new tissue to form, improving elasticity and boosting immunity. Marula seed oil revives dull skin and creates a healthy barrier. Extracts work in harmony to penetrate the skin and seal-in moisture.  

Most importantly, acne and breakouts can be left in the past. Anti-inflammatory Perilla Oil and Evening Primrose Oil soothe and calm congested, hormonal skin and reduce redness. Concentrated oils work to absorb quickly (preventing any sticky or oily residue), penetrate deeply and create a barrier for protection, replenishing without clogging pores. Win-win! 

Freshness and vitality are key here. It’s not just about the carefully selected ingredients working in harmony, but the timing and method too. Dan & Lion carefully blends and bottles a small batch of handcrafted botanical oils and extracts every six weeks, then distills and stores with precision, for a potent combination that works at maximum efficiency for the highest quality in every application.  

How To Use It

Suitable for all skin types, apply this do-it-all daily moisturizing oil on cleansed skin and underneath make-up to beam from the inside, out. Multi-tasking Ever Oil is a savior for the eco-conscious consumer who wants to cut down on their use of products for a minimal skincare routine that works. 100% natural with a smooth, velvety blend your skin will drink up, this plant-packed formula gets to work threefold; clearing complexion, boosting radiance, and reducing the physical signs of aging in one fell swoop.

Expert Advice

Massage Ever Oil day and night to freshen and replenish your face and neck with upward circular motions. Easily absorbed, it’s an excellent primer and blends well with other creams and make-up to fit seamlessly into your sustainable skincare routine.