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Upgrade your self-care routine with this chic, high-quality, Okoko Cosmetiques’ Vegan Brush that can be used to apply your face masks and skincare treatments evenly for easy application. Made with wood and soft synthetic bristles, this vegan face mask brush will make a handy upgrade to your pamper sessions!

This professional quality black brush with natural bristles works well with any liquid or cream formulation and is super soft and gentle on the skin to make applying your facial treatments that much more luxurious. The bonus is that you won’t need to get your hands messy either!  

Its comfortable handle makes it easy to use and will suit natural beauty buffs and those who love vegan skincare tools to apply their skincare treatments. Upgrade your vegan skincare routine with this skincare brush for a decadent, guilt-free beauty treatment application that spreads your face mask evenly, neatly, and efficiently.

Use it to blend any liquid or cream formulation beauty treatment or face mask in a treatment bowl and directly onto the face, avoiding the eye area.

Award-winning Okoko Cosmetiques delivers high-performance, all-natural, certified-organic skincare with innovative, results-driven ingredients – an innovation in green beauty where luxury meets sustainability. Made in Canada and EU-certified, Okoko Cosmetiques’ products are vegan, ethically sourced, and not tested on animals.

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