Papaya Foaming Cleanser


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Papaya Foaming Cleanser (100ml):
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Gently removes make up & daily debris
This beautiful papaya foaming  cleanser purifies the skin by removing daily debris and gently removing make up. Light and refreshing on the skin, papaya extract helps remove cellular build up whilst the orange oil and vitamin E revitalise and refresh the skin.

• Contains Papain enzyme
• Enriched with Vitamin E
• Gently removes make up & daily debris
• Restores skin’s PH

This foaming cleanser harnesses the naturally mild enzymes found in papaya and chamomile to remove dead skin cells leaving the skin fresh and dewy.

Papaya extract contains Papain, an enzyme that naturally removes skin impurities and gently exfoliates the skin. Papaya extract is rich in vitamins and minerals so it cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Orange oil soothes and conditions the skin whilst Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant and free radical protection.

Twice daily cleansing of the skin is important. Cleansing removes cellular debris, sebum (oil), make up and environmental impurities. Cleansing helps to decongest your skin’s pores so that active ingredients can penetrate. Rinsing the skin with water is not enough and will only remove about 50% of debris. We advise you to double cleanse (cleansing twice in one go) if you have been wearing makeup. Leaving your make up on the skin overnight, even if only small amounts, will contribute to pore enlargement, collagen destruction and free radical generation.

Suitable for all skin types – this is a gentle & mild foaming cleanser. Suitable for pregnancy and in sensitive skin.

Damp the skin with warm water, apply cleanser and massage in a circular motion over the entire face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with water. AM & PM.

We would advise you to double cleanse after make up use.

Echium Oil, Organic Oat, Rosemary Extract, Lavender and Chamomile Oil

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