Limited Edition Women's Tank Top
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Perfect for hitting the gym, chilling out at home, or heading to the beach, the Hermosa Women’s Tank Top brings fashion chic to the fitness apparel world. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, which is not only one of the most sustainable materials in the world, but is also absorbent and antibacterial, these tank tops bring you sporty luxe fashion whilst also being kind to the planet.

The Hermosa Women’s Tank Top is a perfect wardrobe staple, ready to make your activewear outfit pop or add a dash of fitness aesthetic into your everyday look. The tank top isn’t just about aesthetic though, with the top being made from eco-friendly bamboo, it’s also sweat-absorbent, antibacterial, and incredibly soft, meaning it’s the ideal workout top! 

Functional and style-conscious, the Hermosa Women’s Tank Top is ideal for any active woman with good fashion sense.  

Eco-friendly and sustainable Bamboo.

Available in size XS – M.

Handwash the tank top after use or put on a very low heat wash in a washing machine, then air dry. Do not tumble dry the tank top, as it may shrink and the material may become less soft.

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