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Ingenious Active is clinically proven to increase endurance in high-intensity exercise by up to 20% and decrease muscle damage by 69%, meaning it’s the perfect supplement for active individuals and athletes. This unique blend of potent ingredients helps maintain an optimal cell environment in muscle tissue, removes old cells that are responsible for aging, protects cells from radical damage, reduces visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, supports joint health, and boosts overall vitality and wellness. 

Made up of OVOMet (collagen derived from eggshell membrane), AstrionActiGinAstraGin, hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, vitamin E, vitamin C, and zinc, Ingenious Active is a powerful formula that supports endurance and muscle repair, as well as improve the skin’s appearance, reduce visible signs of aging, and boost overall wellness and vitality.

The OVOMet is the source of collagen in this formula, promoting healthy joints, cartilages and tendons. Ingenious has combined Western modern cosmeceutical ingredients with potent traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to create this supplement formula that boosts repair and healing, enhances the absorption of proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, and micronutrients, rejuvenates and hydrates skin, reduces physical signs of aging such as wrinkles, helps to repair muscles and protects skin from UV damage, is antioxidant-rich to support collagen production and combat free radicals, supports DNA synthesis and keeps skin, hair, and nails in tip-top condition. 

You should take two capsules twice daily with food, taking two in the morning and two in the evening if possible.  

Do not exceed the recommended intake.

OVOMet (300mg), Astrion (250mg), ActiGin (237mg), AstraGin (50mg), Hyaluronic Acid Complex (200mg), Astaxanthin (8mg), Vitamin C (26mg), Vitamin E (4mg), Zinc (3mg).

Ingenious Active is not suitable for vegans due to the OVOMet within the formula. However, Ingenious Active is free from gluten, wheat, artificial colors, preservatives, sugars or sweeteners, sulfates, caffeine, parabens, and soya. 

Each bottle of Ingenious Active contains 100 capsules for a 25-day serving. 

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