Dual Fuel Shaker
2 Compartment Shaker


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Combine style with convenience with this two-compartment Dual Fuel Shaker Bottle to enjoy your smoothies and protein shakes on-the-go! This unique shake bottle is split in half length-ways with two separate shake compartments but just one to carry around. This means that you could carry your pre-workout shake, along with your post-workout protein shake so you have everything you need to support your fitness goals! 

When you’re training, hitting new PBs and making gainshow we fuel is super important! Having to carry hydration, pre-workout and post-workout blends can become a lot to remember and carry. No longer will you have to lug around multiple bottles and shaker bottles to and from the gym or work. Now, you can combine two-in-one to fulfill all your protein needs while out and about with this handy two-compartment Dual Fuel Shaker Bottle. 

Fill up both compartments with your favorite protein shakes or hydration and secure the cap for each side. Simply flip open the cap of the side you want to drink.  

The Dual Fuel Shaker Bottle is BPA-free and easy to clean. 

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