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Ceramic Bowl Chawan
Traditional Japanese Handmade Ceramic Bowl


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Enjoy matcha in the traditional Japanese way, sipped from Matcha & Co Ceramic Bowl Chawan. This neutral, rustic bowl is handmade so no two bowls are the same, making them particularly unique and special for whoever received this. It makes the perfect gift for a friend who loves tea or even Japanese culture. It would fit perfectly into a simple, modern interior.

When enjoying matcha from this bowl, look inside. The contrast of the colors, between the vibrant green matcha, and the white of the enamel, along with the different textures, is a beautiful sight to behold. Lose yourself in quiet mindfulness as you relax with your matcha!

Measures: 10 cm diameter x 7.5 cm height. Capacity: 300ml.  

Matcha & Co uses highly resistant and high durability materials, suitable for dishwashers and microwaves.  

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