Active Woman Super Multi Shaker
4 Compartment Shaker


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When you’re pushing yourself to your limits, you need to refuel properly to get the most out of your workouts, and The Super Multi Shaker makes it easy! Its practical design makes it the ideal-sized plastic container for your protein shakes and gym hydration with four different compartments to keep your fuel kit to hand and boost hydration, energy, and recovery.   

The ultra-stylish pink protein shaker, which could also be used as a water bottle, has all the compartments you need to make fueling your workouts simple so you can focus on your training goals. Simply store your sports nutrition powder at the bottom, then keep your capsules and liquid separate, so you can make your protein shakes, hydrate, and take your supplements all on the go. Turning on, powering up, and recovering quickly has never been easier!  

Bio-Synergy provides award-winning sports nutrition, supplements and wellbeing products to support every athlete. 

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