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Super Root Spices
Zoë Lind Van Hof & Tom Smale


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Wunder Workshop founders, Zoë and Tom, explore the healing power of root spices in this informative recipe book where they let you in on their root spice discoveries and stories, share the science-based literature, as well as presenting a collection of exciting recipes for you to try.  


They go deep into the alchemy of roots including turmeric, ashwagandha, ginger, maca and more, where they come from, and their wide-ranging health benefits, before presenting simple, nutritious super root recipe ideas for you to incorporate into your daily lifestyle with a focus on enhancing mood, encouraging a healthy gut and of course, recipes that taste delicious!  

Wunder Workshop take a holistic, full mind-body-environment approach. From tonics to elixirs, snacks to main meals, and topical recipes, these inspiring ideas aim to help you to feel and look good from the inside out. Founders Zoe and Tom keep it fun and functional presenting good-for-you recipes that can fit in every part of your life or tackle specific health concerns.   


There are wide-ranging recipes, and a little something for everyone, from hearty immune-boosting broths, to easy everyday recipes in ginseng root tea, turmeric granola and burdock tea tonic, to showstoppers like maca bliss balls and golden beetroot latte, plus brightening face mask solutions and even an Ayurvedic anti-anxiety bath soak.  

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