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Rooftop Garden Botanical Reed Diffuser
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Feel the living energy of every home-grown botanical in this thoughtfully crafted fragrance Sunday Of London’s Rooftop Garden. Sunday Of London’s clean, minimal, apothecary aesthetic brings a calming hygge feel to any room. Restore inner harmony and experience more positivity. 

Steeped in familial wisdom and a deep ancestral connection to the healing magic of the herb garden, the rich and herby scents of basil and thyme dispel any darkness from the mind and instead stimulate a vibrational lift. Lavender and ylang-ylang linger with the prevailing essence of harmony, to restore inner balance whilst vibrant bergamot lightens us, allowing you to experience an electric and sparkly sense of joy. 

Bergamot, basil, thyme, lavender, and ylang-ylang. 

Each of Sunday Of London’s Botanical Reed Diffusers are created with aromatherapy grade pure essential oils and housed in UK-made apothecary glassware. Diffusers last up to six months dependent on room temperature and botanical oil blend. Turn reeds daily for best results. 
Always handcrafted in small batches, never any palm oil, soy free and absolutely nothing synthetic.  

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