Radiance Roller Kit
For Radiance, Brightening & Skin Regeneration


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Bring the salon home with Zenii’s at-home micro-needling Radiance Roller kit. This high-caliber home micro-needling device creates microchannels to help your skincare penetrate deeper to create more impact, and reveal a radiant complexion. Regular roller use will help to brighten, rejuvenate and stimulate your skin, plus can help to reduce scarring, dullness, and improve skin texture. The kit also comes with Zenii Sanitizing Solution for cleaning the device after use.  

Achieve your skincare goals and get the most out of your topical skincare products with this powerful skin rejuvenation tool. The Radiance Roller is made with the finest surgical steel and has 540 microneedles per roller with a needle depth of 0.5mm. The Radiance Roller painlessly creates tiny microchannels through the surface of the skin to stimulate epidermal turnover, enhance skin radiance, boost circulation and improve skin tone.   

Immediately after using the Radiance Roller, you can apply skin care products like retinol and hyaluronic acid to enhance anti-aging.  
You can use the Radiance Roller 1-3 times per week, preferably at night to allow skincare products to work overnight, and so your skin doesn’t become exposed to sunlight immediately.   

Thoroughly cleanse, tone, and exfoliate the skin before use. Hold the roller firmly in one hand, stretch the skin taut with the other hand and gently roll all over the face and neck (but not the eyelids). Roll 4- 6 times in each area in horizontal, diagonal, and vertical directions. If you wish to apply products while rolling then lightweight serums are generally better absorbed and tolerated. They can be applied before or after the procedure. Hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C, vitamin E, and retinol are all popular skincare products to use with micro-needling.  

If you have sensitive skin then start slowly and increase your roller usage as the skin tolerates it. Do not wear make-up for 8 hours after use. Do not use occlusive or heavy skin creams after the procedure if you are prone to breakouts or congestion. Thoroughly clean your Radiance Roller after each use with Zenii Sanitizing Solution. Soak your Roller in Zenii Sanitizing Solution for 15 minutes after each use. Do NOT soak in boiling water as this can cause damage and loosening of the needles.  

Radiance Roller can be reused 12-15 times before it should be discarded. Clean thoroughly after each use.  

Zenii, an award-winning British brand, uses environmentally-friendly packaging and minimizes it wherever possible. They are 100% cruelty-free. 

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