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Omegaquant Vitamin D Test
Dried Blood Spot Collection Kit


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Test to see how much vitamin D you have in your body with this handy Dried Blood Spot Collection Kit. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient we need to function properly. Our bodies get it from our environment, like sunlight and food. It plays an important role in maintaining and building strong bones, but every cell in our bodies has receptors for vitamin D which means it can affect virtually everything that happens inside our cells.

To thrive, we need essential nutrients like vitamin D but around a quarter of the population doesn’t get enough in the colder months. This easy test can tell us how much vitamin D we’ve got in our system. If it’s too low, it can point to vitamin D deficiency which can go on to cause serious health conditions. From there, you know you should increase the uptake of vitamin D with vitamin D supplements, through food, or by exposing yourself to more sunlight. It’s a handy tool to help you thrive!

Clean your hands, and especially the finger you want to prick. Take a prick with the pen, then wait a few minutes, and you should get a reading back to tell you if your vitamin D levels are sufficient. Put a plaster over your pricked finger to prevent blood leakage.

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