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Morning + Evening Organic Protein Combo
4 Flavours Organic Whey & Vegan Protein Bundle

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Convenient trial packs of four of Motion Nutrition’s best-selling organic protein shakes, bundled together for you to try out: Peanut Butter Protein Shake: Inspired by a relentless love of peanut butter, this protein powder elevates your shakes, smoothies and pancake batter to nut-lover heaven. A complete vegan protein powder with a delicious roasted peanut flavour. Creamy Cacao Protein Shake: Blending raw cacao and organic whey protein, this creamy protein shake is a nutritional powerhouse that perfectly complements your active lifestyle and fitness routine. Enjoy as a quick shake or in your favourite smoothie. Fresh Blueberry Morning Shake: Developed by a nutritionist with a love of early mornings, on a mission to make them more pleasant for everyone. A great breakfast protein shake with the right amount of protein, antioxidants and micronutrients to gently kick start your day. Chocolate Spice Evening Shake: Developed by a stress & sleep expert, Chocolate Spice combines the nourishing power of a protein shake with calm and sweetness of soothing flowers, creamy cacao and warming spice. Perfect for effortless recovery from intense evening workouts and busy workdays.

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