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Healing Hand Sanitizer
Heals & Softens Hands


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Sanitise hands, save skin from dehydration, and do your little bit for the planet with Healing Hand Sanitiser. The sleek black bottle looks chic and was made from materials that would have ordinarily gone to waste. Keep in your bag for top-ups and have your hands feel hydrated and clean!

This handy spray sanitizer can clean hands from toxins, dirt, and grime that can help prevent you from getting sick. Enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and hemp terpenes and gentle floral rose scent to help to nourish hands, as well as clean.

Place product into the palm of your hands and rub together for clean, hydrated hands.

Ethanol, Rose Hydrosol, 300mg Hemp Extract (200mg CBD), Hemp Terpenes.

This formula is USDA organic certified. Although the ethanol is food-grade, it should not be ingested. Only use topically for clean hands. It contains 200mg CBD and 85% Organic Ethanol. This box is FSC certified and made with recycled hemp fiber. The bottle is unsaleable deadstock from another brand due to the failure to color-match – it would have ended up as waste otherwise! The decoration is from left-over ink from a bottle printing run, saved from ending up in landfill.

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