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Essential Vitamins For Skin, Hair & Nails


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Glow from within with Vitamin Glow Gummies by SKIIN Company, a vitamin supplement designed to nourish and enhance beauty, the body, and general wellbeing. Our patented Soft GumsTM are vegan and contain 8 vitamins and 3 minerals. Each delicious raspberry flavoured gummy delivers a blend of essential vitamins to support beautiful and healthy hair, skin and nails with regular use.

⋆ Thicker, glossier hair with zinc, biotin and selenium

⋆ Grow stronger, healthier nails with selenium and zinc

⋆ Maintain glowing skin with our combination of vitamin A, C, biotin, iodine, zinc and niacin

The jar contains one month’s supply of 60 gummies. Enjoy taking your vitamins by chewing two delicious raspberry flavoured gummies per day. It’s as simple and tasty as that! 

Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E, niacin, biotin, folic acid, iodine, selenium and zinc.


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