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A must-have for your skincare arsenal, this flat, wide fan design is the perfect size to brush facial masks, while its white wooden handle and aluminium collar hold bristles perfectly in place after every use. Its soft bristles are gentle and effective on the skin. 

Apple face mask (Shiffa Radiance Tri Acid Peel) onto face brush and move the brush on face avoiding the eye area for an easy, even application. 


Cleaning Instructions: Rinse well with water. Dot mild soap or shampoo and dilute with lukewarm water in the palm of your hand, then gently work the brush head in the suds, then gently rinse with running water. Rather than pressing the brush head into your palm, instead, gently wash the brush head on each fat side until clean, and there are no more suds. Press the brush head flat with a clean, dry towel or washcloth to retain the original flat brush shape. To dry, lay on a countertop with the brush head extending over the side so the brush can dry naturally. So not leave brushes soaking in water as this can damage the brush head and aluminium collar. 

Shiffa are experts in the science of healing, created to combine the world’s most potent organic ingredients with advanced skincare science; a powerful combination of active ingredients in therapeutic concentrations to heal skin from within and reveal its beautiful potential.

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