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Enjoy Classic Whey Protein in a myriad of ways depending on your mood. From simple protein shakes, to supercharged coffee creamer; included in your baking or as high-protein ice cream, Classic Whey Protein provides endless delicious possibilities, and contains 23g of protein. 

Classic Whey Protein is created using only one ingredient – organic whey protein from European grass-fed dairy where cows are free to roam the pastures. Organic purity is guaranteed as the whey is slowly and carefully filtered at low temperatures making it one of the most nutritious and digestible proteins on earth. There are no sugar or sweeteners; no additiveor artificial substances, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. 

Protein is vital for muscle recovery and repair, and more-so if you exercise regularly. Classic Whey Protein is the perfect way to increase your protein intake on the go in a delicious shake or your favorite homemade baked goods. 

Add a sachet to your favorite smoothies, make your coffee creamier, transform into ice cream or fold it into your baking. You could add it to your cereal or porridge, or if you just want an easy hit of protein on the go, shake it up with your favorite milk for a post-workout protein shake to support muscle recovery. 

Classic whey protein concentrate. 

Unlike other brands, Motion Nutrition doesn’t include sweeteners like stevia, sucralose, or aspartame in its blends. They support your mind and body with organic goodness to improve energy, sleep, mood and more. Classic Whey Protein is suitable for vegetarians, and is gluten-free. 

In 2019, Motion Nutrition removed the plastic from their packaging of protein powders and switched to FSC paper boxes and glass jars. Each box is printed with non-toxic, vegetable-based ink and will biodegrade into earth-fueling nutrients. Since they made the switch, they have saved more than 500,000 plastic-laminated pouches from entering the eco-system, and by getting rid of plastic tubs and scoops, they’ve avoided 10 Tonnes worth of plastic going to waste. Motion Nutrition says, “We chose plant over profit because there is no planet B.” 

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