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Beyond The Pines
Natural, Organic, Botanical Candle


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Immerse yourself in nature’s invigorating spirit as Sunday Of London’s uplifting fragrance Beyond The Pines delights your senses and helps you recharge. Sunday Of London’s clean, minimal, apothecary aesthetic brings a calming hygge feel to any room. If you’re feeling run down or are craving nature’s freshness, burn this natural, organic, botanical candle and watch that heaviness lift away for a renewed sense of lightness and contentment.

Energetic Eucalyptus and Tea Tree envelopes you with a renewed sense of focus to clear stagnant energy from within and snap you back into the present. Ancient cedar and aromatic pine needle then bring a grounding warmth and a deep sense of communion with guiding nature, whilst purifying lime and refreshing peppermint linger playfully so you can almost taste them.

Eucalyptus, tea tree, cedar, lime peel, pine needle, and peppermint. 

Created with aromatherapy grade pure essential oils in Sunday Of London’s specially formulated rapeseed wax, with a 100% pure cotton wick. Always handcrafted in small batches, never any palm oil, they are soy-free and absolutely nothing synthetic. 180ml/6oz approximately 45-50 hours of burn time.

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