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Premium Collagen Peptides For Skin, Hair & Nails


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Beauty is more than skin deep, and the Collagen Beauty Boost promotes health from the inside out with this powerful blend of hydrolyzed collagen peptides to promote natural wellness and radiance from within. As we get older, collagen production slows, resulting in physical signs of aging like fine lines, and wrinkles. Rejuvenating skin with collagen can help to hide these signs of aging and revitalize skin, healthy hair, and nails, so you and feel and look your best.

Containing pure bovine collagen, the Collagen Beauty Boost blend works to nourish you from the inside out to promote hydration and elasticity, anti-aging support, contribute to strong hair and nails, support bones, joints, immune system, and gut health, and assist in boosting metabolism. 

Collagen supports anti-aging by invigorating skin with plump, youthful, dewy skin. Since hair and nails are mostly made of protein, collagen can revitalize thick, glossy locks and strengthen nails to avoid brittleness or breakage. 

Nourish your body by dissolving one unflavored sachet per day in water, coffee, smoothies, or your favorite recipe. Mix well until the powder has dissolved. Take some well-deserve time out to enjoy in bliss!

Collagen Beauty Boost: Bovine Collagen Peptides Type I + III.

Vegan, gelatin-free, gluten-free, free of artificial colors & preservatives, non-GMO. Invented in Switzerland and made in Germany. 

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