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24K Treatment Bowl
24K Gold Beauty Treatment Bowl


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The epitome of luxury, use this Okoko Cosmetiques 24K Treatment Bowl to mix your face masks and facial treatments for your favorite self-care rituals for the ultimate indulgence. No more mixing facial treatment on the back of your hand or in dining bowls; instead, use this luxurious treatment bowl encrusted with 24K gold. This unique, decadent bowl looks like it belongs in an artisanal boutique or gallery, and will look just as chic in your home.

Okoko Cosmetiques 24K Treatment Bowl was carefully made by one of Montreal’s finest potters, Benoit Daigle, using the finest clays, with expert technique and skill resulting in this stylish creation. No bowl is the same to make every piece a one-of-a-kind piece of art, hand-signed by the artist. It would make the ideal gift for a friend who loves luxurious skincare regimes. Beauty rituals will never be the same again!

Simply use it to mix and blend your favorite face mask or beauty treatment, along with the Vegan Brush.

Award-winning Okoko Cosmetiques delivers high-performance, all-natural, certified-organic skincare with innovative, results-driven ingredients – an innovation in green beauty where luxury meets sustainability. Made in Canada and EU-certified, Okoko Cosmetiques’ products are vegan, ethically sourced, and not tested on animals.

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