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Vegan D3+K2+A
Advanced Vegan Vitamin D3+K2+A Formulation


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Vegan Vitamin D3+K2+A formulation delivers a blend of synergistic fat-soluble vitamins (900μg Vitamin A; 100μg Vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7; 50μg (2000iu) Vitamin D3). The Vitamin D3 in this product is derived from algal sources (rather than relying on Vitamin D3 from lanolin from sheep’s wool) so is suitable for vegans.

Vitamins do not work in isolation; Vitamin K2 works synergistically with Vitamin D and Vitamin A supplementation alongside Vitamin D3 avoids unbalanced excess or artificial deficiency of either vitamin.

Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) is better absorbed than Vitamin K1. The structure of MK-7 also allows this form to remain in the blood longer than Vitamin K1, increasing its bioavailability.

Vitamin D contributes to:

  • Normal growth and development of bones in children.
  • Maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function.
  • Normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus.
  • The normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin K contributes to:

  • Normal blood clotting.
  • Maintenance of normal skin, bones, red blood cells and vision.
  • Maintenance of normal vision.
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin A contributes to:

  • Normal iron metabolism.
  • Maintenance of normal mucous membranes, skin and vision.
  • The normal function of the immune system.

1 Capsule daily after food or as directed by a practitioner

Rice flour, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 (algal vegan source), Vitamin A Acetate, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide. Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose. NRV = Nutrient Reference Value


Store in a cool dry place


Keep out of the children. Don not exceed the daily recommended intake this product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Do not use if lid seal is broken.

FREE FORM: Lactose, Wheat/Gluten, Non-GM Soya

Suitable For: Vegetarians, Vegan

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