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Immunity Blend Breathing Patch


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Balance your immunity ensuring that it acts in your best interest with the stress-busting, congestion-clearing aromatherapy Prana Patch. This patch can be attached to a mask or face covering and combined with nasal breath work, it balances the immune response for positive health and wellbeing during times of stress and uncertainty. Research shows that specific essential oils combined with intentional breathwork can help to balance our immune response so our body is supporting us in the best way possible.

Earthy and herbal top notes of basil and hemp provide calm and focus while delivering a subtle pain-relieving effect. Helichrysum and lavender combine to form a soft, rounded note that promotes relaxation and grounding.

Tea tree and peppermint form the foundation base note, gently cooling the sinus cavity and reducing upper airways congestion by clearing it. When breathed in with intention, discover a more balanced mind and body, with optimal function from the immune system.

Select a washable or disposable mask or face covering to wear. Remove the liner from the patch and place it on the selected material, no more than 6 inches from your nose. Each patch is designed to last up to one week. To enhance longevity, remove the patch from the mask and adhere to the liner when it’s not in use.

10mg Hemp-Derived Terpenes.

There are 10mg hemp-derived terpenes per patch. Please note that the cannabis essential oil does not contain cannabinoids like CBD or THC, and will not create an inebriating effect, nor make you fail a drug test.

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