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Cannabis Essential Oil Flight
3 Strain Essential Oil Kit


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Use these unique cannabis-infused essential oil blends for healing, aromatherapy, or personal fragrance, just like you would use any other plant-powered essential oil. Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat everything from mood to pain to pimples. All three bottles of varying fragrance and blend, contain topical and edible-friendly mixtures to use as you please once diluted. The three blends contained are Hawaiian Haze, Magic Bullet, and Special Sauce.

Use as part of an at-home self-massage ritual, or to fill your home with fragrance to transport you to a meditative state. CBD has powerful balancing, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties to help transform your energy and mood.

Cannabis essential oils can be used much like other essential oils to transport you to a different mindset, to alter your mood, as part of your healing or aromatherapy practices. First-time users should ensure dilution before consuming or applying. Due to potential irritation to the eyes, do not apply oils within 2 inches of the eye area.

All three bottles contain topical and edible-friendly mixtures of fractionated coconut oil (which serves as a preservative) and essential oil.

Flora & Bast offers clean, organic skincare and wellbeing products. Their products are lab-certified and contain full-spectrum CBD.

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